Saturday, May 9, 2015

after work weekend special ( not special at all )

Alright things im pointing out to fasten up my improving :

  1. Keep repeating the positioning to everyone ( how many flash ranges/steps )
  2. Dont say unnecessery empty information, exact quick calls/ exact time.
  3. Be clear when you lost lane/its out of control for now. BE VERY LOUD AND VERY CLEAR + SUPER WARD if you can.
  4. Repeat the positioning some more for the fights
  5. Multitask minimap and map activities alot harder. Its not like its hard, you just became lazy with it after stopped playing wc3. This way noone will feed me information which is false, ill get it by myself!
  6. Never ever SLACK OF or TAKE IT EASY/FUNNY WAY. Cuz it wont be even easy or funny, cuz you will die and you wil feed and it will be disgusting shitty game. To have fun and good game = try super hard and be militaristic as FUCKKKKKKKKKKK. Ying and yang mother fucker
  7. Slowly train zuone to stick to champs for more than 1 game, its just much better.

In short. Acquire perfect, precise 100% information myself ( or as much as I can ) , act according to it because I have ultimate knowledge and experience. Take one step above everyones ramblings and confusion and become the ultimate leader. Step up your game and teamfighting ( most important ). Must be able to win my lane and lane SOOO EASY AND GOOD that I could put tons of focus on controling my team. Not quite there yet, but something to strife for. ( its not like it will be needed like this forever, just need to make them play by the best plans so they dont learn all the wrong things during the practices ).

Really good song, subbing to all kinds of nightcore channels sure pays off. Blessings to all those posters, even with few hundred views only they upload good stuff : )

Stuff from Julie : UPDATE
Naked n Famous
Purity Ring

Friday, May 8, 2015

Garen :

  1. youmu BC or bruta BC, tanky tanky tank tank ( vs hard shit and forced into early fights, start reverse build )
  1. pick axe into adapt ( pickaxe into randuins, maw, frozen mallet, hydra, last whisper, full tank )
Max hook as darius second or even first vs ranged bullshit ( 12 sec CD lvl 9 ) + run maximum CDR.

mb just always get frozen heart second or so shrug.

compare to effectiveness vs:

VS ::::

  • cassiopea with rylais
  • gnar with mallet
  • heca with tp smite
  • maokai tanky/sustain
  • malphite half ap n full tank
  • sion permapush
  • irelia
  • riven

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What is a fighter?

  1. If not focused, wrecks you hard
  2. Hard to focus ( tanky, speed ups or escapes which same time help in his offence )
  3. Likes long fights
  4. Doseant die 1v1 to full damage champs, actually beats them and outscales them in 1v1 forever.

Garen can do all of these ( Yi too pretty much ), but can I make Darius do these things?

Things to try:
  1. CDR again ( cleaver, youmu etc )
  2. Start tanky, mb only pickaxe for dmg ( frozen mallet style )
  3. lifesteals and tanky

Saturday, May 2, 2015

DAdadadadailyyyy yoooo

Darius, Master Yi, Garen

  1. Staying true to my plans = OP
  2. Improve on laning, big time. Dont fear to not get kills and build defense. Whatever makes you do more damage.
  3. Focus on outfarming and out warding, freezing only until summoners up most likely is only worth way to freeze.
  4. Maintain the maximum kill pressure. ( frozen mallet if you have to or trinity + a freeze )
No defencive laning anymore. Gotta learn and practice abusing flash or whatever other summoners your pick to full 100% to keep getting some KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!! Like vs heimer, flash in through grenade insta gib, he is squishy, hook him back if u have to whatever. Learn faster combos

Friday, May 1, 2015

Daily schmaily

  1. I am tired TO HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of running around following game flow, thats now how I ever was or ever enjoyed being. Thats the path of failure which life always takes me on for a while though.
  2. Come back to the roots, force my own technique. Both more fun and more effective, clear goals this way. Executing the ideas. ; ) FUN !!!!!!!!!!!! ATLEASTTT THAT, but its effective too
  3. Roots being, power split, power split, follow only contempt or make only plays with him. Get nexus or make teamfights happen at my top side, nothing else. And by follow contempt I mean being there same time, cuz realising the ideas.

Realise my top laning strategy, execute it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck all man