Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Daily notes:

  1. stop spending money LOL, they dont grow on trees nigguh. Even if its not much, it will add up cuz the habit will only get stronger and keep on building up!!
  2. START PACKING SERIOUS FOOD TO WORK!!!!! shit, money spending becomes srs hard to fight when you are hungry !
  3. Garen, Yi , Darius. Just best trio for me man! Try realising and thinking about each match up with them, realise it to HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and focus on that, run simulations in your mind just like in wc3 days. This way those few free hours i got wont feel as that much of a waste and will have a fun exercise to do while free at work!
  4. Would be pretty neat if spared some morning time to go for a walk with Raina and work out some, not feeling worn out from work anymore ( thats actually not good, lets grow more! )
  5. Bring back some fresh/clean water bottles home, will come in handy.
  6. UPE UPE UPE UPE UPE UPE UPE! its time son
  7. Woad king Darius time? or Bioforge? Buy your self some SKILLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 
  9. savaitgali gal bus laiko pamegink su dviraciu iki zemuju paneriu davaryt, see if it sworth!
  10. goodnight, labankt
good memories

Monday, April 27, 2015


  1. Play 3-4 more go4lols, do good
  2. Start messaging sponsors, be cocky as motherfucker can be LOL
  3. profit

btw su dviraciu reikia paplanuot ir surengti kaip cia i salininkus varyt ir is ten i darba ( pirmyn atgal! )

Sunday, April 26, 2015

What I've learned

  1. A lane without big kill pressure, is wasted lane. You are trimming your own chances of winning
  2. Don't get baited by "pro scene" or anyones advice to ever change your mind about point 1.
  3. Seriously picking no kill pressure and just lane power champs like Shyvana or so, is only worth if you plan on being defensive as whole team for 20-30 minutes, not gonna happen, too hard, too not worth = SHIT
  4. Gotta do a rotation when we spawn to ward from lane swaps ( very deep lane and jungle wards, and then wait covering river or whatever is left )
  5. If you get stronger and you got reliable engage/siege or summoners. Just go instantly as 5 to a lane and look for a fight. Why not, it just works, especially if you push down your lane and recall going in as lane gank position. ( you can do that cuz you are stronger )
  6. Don't forget to try to maximise your own usefuleness and damage in a teamfight, ABOLISH ALL of the heroic thoughts of sacrificial lamb
  7. Baits are always good, especially when you got Olaf head and other speed ups to get there real quick and surprise help. Camping behind ADC as he pushes a lane, why the fuck not, its pretty good, if they take the bait good for us, if they dont, atleast we are not revealing ourselfs for a while, might slow them down!
One day ill be not lazy enough to find that pika remix of this song. Reminds me of playing through pokemon games and reading pokemon genius or whatever that site was for tips and shit lol
Darius  - aggro master, free ganker, delicate fighter.

Master Yi - ownage

Garen   - defence style master, POWER freeze , or POWER AFK push. Out trade once can finish them in 2 combos ( 1 combo , 1 dive or zone ) but focus freezing, getting big items and becoming POWERHOUSE                                  

1. No flash, no mobas/swiftness = NO ROAMING EVER. PRessure instead or FREEZE AND FORCE THEM TO GROUP OR FIGHT YOU FOR CS!!!


3. TEAM rotation, force things. Dont dive or anything ridiculous like that, just fight front line and WIN CUZ YOU ARE MUCH BETTER.


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Goodnight, work time.
Initial D is love, Initial D is life!

1. Dont forget the credit
2. Learn to work faster, find some sleep time during work
3. 4 AM daily, for some extra training
4. Talk to team members some more about rotations, show it on the map through that one website! ( IMPORTANT)
5. Harold N Kumar time laters m8m8m8m8m8m8

no tears , no giving up, fuck it man!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

ah fuk
i can plan all i want, but if when it comes to it my muse/inspiration is not there, it will all crumble. Emotional playstyles have such weakness. beatiful n fragile :/
did i just fool myself to accept it, its probably early to juddgeeg, Just sigh, would be nice if for one things would work out ONE TIME
just need to fall asleep somehow, test how it goes tommorow. Its too much after daily work to do anything requiring true focus and skill, guess ill have to do it early mornings then to keep in shape ; /.
just one of those weakness moments , lose focus for a bit, and loneliness overflows zzz\s\a\\a\a\

typing this sideways barely reachin keboard with finger tipzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzp

make me fade is playing, its nice that i posted it here before, always reachable quickk

worst part is that its not even that hard of a job, just all those hours drains the expression pwoer by the evening
Its jUST NOT THERE! i cant pull it out, i feel like ocnsuming and spending money to compensate for the lack of that inspiring feeling ( how many peps dooo )
really depressing to realise how unnatural this is to me, really makes u want to end it all

sure im being really overlydramatic here, but its just all stacked up from years of similar happenings. Its never resolved problem ; 0

some years ago in situation like this, id easily get hyped up and pumped and do whhatever i can. nowadays i still try, but its so hard knowing you hjave tried so often and always faildedded

would be nice if Julie messaged me, listening to her day/stories or whatever would be neat. Need to get away from these negative thoughts nad focus on the nextd ay!!!

im grown so insensitive to failure, i dont know.... its terrible to not mind losing everything

how do i make this all into my own personal adventure and harvest the power of youthfulness, s omuch unneccesery trouble

Nah man u r just tired, try to sleep. Try tommorow. yes yes i will. Today you deserve some rest, + work can be done better, faster. You can get stronger too. Not even close to prime strenght of what htis body is capable. I kno its hard to s leep now, i guess could just go out. You deserve a day off on friday atleast. Think about long term sustain of yourself. No rest is unsustainable, dont do that to yourself or you will be like your sisters who worked themselfs into hospital once or twice, its easier than you think : s ... Pro tip, rest isnt watching shitretarded videos or browsing 4chinz, thats time wasting.I regret reading that crappy thread about women today, christ. Useless negative ideas, feel them racking my brains already S:SA:SA:Sd

make yoursel fade from this room lol, gogogo

that actually made me feel a bit better, felt like crying before. Not tears crying, but crushing crying. Just sucks hard having your dream constanly being tramplled by your own incompetence . But nothing is ever easy for me i guess, i always chose wrong path first or first hundred times

ha remember when they used to call me "wise", its funny cuz all of that wisdom comes from repetetive personal failures. Being wise is actually a sign of a dumbass or ex dumbass ( uh oh trying to make myself sound a bit better lol )

ah Julie just messaged me, time to move on. Thx for listening blog, i really didnt want to rant out to anyone about this, i do it too often already. Its soo annoying, i dont want to others to feel like a blog, i want them to give and take and focus on bond build not just listen

see ya

Proper gameplay protocol

1. Tense/tired muscles = fail ( cant properly focus )
2. Feeling entitled to ANYTHING ( rest, good time, good plays, anything given to you easily ) = fail
3. Feeling special in any sort in general brings your own demise
4. Anything whats not focus on the present moment, only weakens you
5. Anything what you were yesterday or week ago, is gone and doseant matter, focus on what you are now

Those are main causes of error, now for solutions :


1. Absolute devotion to self expression of ones life ( lack of outside entertainment, lack of hoping and wishing , just do things instead )
2. Read through the errors, and realise them as truth
3. Dedicated a specific amount of time to simply focus, dont just jump into the action
4. Proper warm up ( stretch, aim booster/multitask )
5. Nap if required ( no reason to go on without full dedication, waste of efficient time )


To do:


1. Rearrange/rethink builds and summoners for my playable champions. Maximum kill pressure, no fucking around. As an exercise do it against every champion, something to think about properly. ( copy it to the notepad, will take a while )
2. Do the warm up even if theres no gameplay incoming, keep body remembering and in shape. ( mostly keep your head in the game, yesterday you lost it, lost all focus so fast due to fatigue. Pathetic, do it properly!!!! )
3. Once proper warm up becomes a habit, its all smooth riding. Can initiate it any time, its all about efficiency for now.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

figuring out the most efficient style for yourself

1. Maximum kill pressure top/jungle synergy against enemy

Thats one and most undeniable choice we always make, and it is the best ultimate weapon, no change is required. Question is, how to fully utilise that advantage to grab wins?

Some notes firstly :

  • Not an assassin
  • Not a sieger
  • If build for diving = throw away all advantage for ability to stay alive 2 seconds longer. ( though if freeze with LW only and build tank, with ganks any tank would still die, just 1v1 would take much longer and would really be only possible with a redbuff/mallet vs Nasus/maokai )
  • Literally all I am is a tank killer.
With that in mind, how to maximise my tank killing potential throughout the game. How to really take them all down good?

  1. Cleanse,ghost,heal, flash. Those will help maneuver through the front line, and "kite back" If I have higher movespeed than enemy ADC, and high enough movespeed to keep on dodging APC/Supps bullshit spells, I automaticaly dodge most of their damage + get to abuse my Q's range.  LESS RELYING ON NOOB PICK OFFS. 
  2. A Support made to do damage/Hard anti CC/EXTREME CC . Theres no time for single target reliable stuns or hooks, those require strong use of early lanes push power and ward control. You wont be doing that, you will be freezing and denying, owning and doing quick roam. 
  3. Catching/Engaging on a tank or support is always fairly simple, especially with good jungler. What comes after is we abuse our sick bruteforce to take them out all one by one. The more bruteforce we have on each single champion, the less delicate we have to play, and the less of our combos each single person will have to use to take out their support/tank = Save more for their ADC/APC = once they move in to assist, they are done.
Thats it, most reliable teamfighting. Thats what I should focus on, and what I should improve on. Not on catching noobs, that doseant improve my teamfighting skill. ( nor does it improve teams )


Some comp ideas:


Most important Velkoz/Zyra or possibly Karma. Other mid options could be ; Brand, Syndra, Zilean, Orianna, Katarina, Leblanc, Malzahar, Veigar , Viktor, Cassiopea, Chogath, Zed, Mordekaiser. Noone else has same ammount of damage early on.

Other supports could be : Sona, Soraka ( fortrify our front line holding or vs Assassins ) ,  Morgana , Leona ( save ur CC for when the carries try to help their tanks, stop them ) , Alistar ( same as leona ) ,  Janna and Braum ( improve brawling by SPECIFICALY picking this to block some of their abilities/cancel them. If you cant do that, you just wasted a pick ), Thresh ( chain CC after an engage on a tank. Hook in, fly in, flash flail onto enemy carries and give us the lantern to follow them to stop their damage, otherwise useless )

Thursday, April 9, 2015



Saturday, April 4, 2015


little racer STREET, still beasting. ( develop my own driving style which i feel confident with, dont rush headless into each corner for maximum cut each time, fucking sux to go on like that, takes too much time to beat Sysgen like that too )

1. fix up that bike, see wasup. Need that for work ( DONT FORGET !!! )
2. Savaitgali Artas nori hangout, would be nice to play some genesis shrug shrug
3. Drawing was always fun, but now that im totaly drained of any inspiration, might aswell go and find some new fun ways to draw, even if it means copying some stuff just for reference sake ( its more fun to have some solid background before unleashing personal taste onto something, otherwise you end up crawling around in mud only! )

would be cool to find some simple, yet fun looking things to try to copy. ( darius axe, shadow leggy's stuff, lol's fanart etc )

Not like i got anything better to do when im resting/waiting for matches. Internets too toxic for me, rather indulge in simple hobbies

1. KOTOR etc