Monday, January 19, 2015

Small tipserinos

GOD THE FUCKING REDDIT IS GETTING TO ME with all the *rino endings in my head now

Good mix just to get out of the way

Some people are always questioning my LAST WHISPER as first item builds and when they try it, it just flat out sucks and they die. Well let me explain how last whisper first works and how items in general work, and I am writing this to kinda cement it into my own brains ans I often get carried away and do the same mistake! : -------------

Tank stats are SUPER STRONG in full ALL IN, their weakness is if a person is walking away from you, you won't kill them / there's LESS CHANCE of killing them

What last whisper gives you is not all in power against armored / healthy champs, I mean it does more or less,, but not straight up. See it gives you power to actually have effective harass and effective damage against armored target, but the effective health / damage from sheer base damages and abilities they have is TOO HIGH at 1 item point. There's no way you will kill a sunfire 1st DPS champ with Last whisper first if you both just stand and duke it out, you will though if you have either some minor resistance yourself like a chainvest to absolutely nulify their base damages into the ground OR having range advantage. Like lets say Darius has his Q, even if they build armor you can pop few Q's on them and they have nothing anymore, they are done. + Darius naturally has crazy burst for early game, so even if people buy armor and health it wont be enough, their natural DPS can barely match it no matter how much defence they buy. I even bursted 4k HP udyrs in 2 seconds with Darius, its no joke! ( thats with infinity edge though ROFL )

Anyway TL; DR being = Last whisper gives you kill potential,  but it leaves you open to death aswell. Don't underestimate base damages early game ( pre 3 items ) You have <1000 HP early game and most spells do over 150 pretty much starting rank 2. Be careful, if you die to tank and lose lane, you can't farm anymore and lose game for your team RIGHT AWAY BY YOURSELF.

One of the good combos for lets say beating a nasus is Last whisper + thornmail combo. Get chainvest inbetween last whisper if he isn't building defense ,but went for sheen or so. Nasus early all in is no joke with maxed spirit fire.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Shout out to all the viewers

I kinda vented few days ago and deleted everything except league and my notes of course , I'm much better now and gonna keep working on my skills and the guides! Just wanted to say thanks for whoever keeps visiting this site, I very often check the traffic sources and everything and it just constantly amazes me that someones actually paying a visit to this horrible grammar, half misspelled blog. Yeah that's about it, just wanted to say: thanks strangers, appreciate it : )

If you are interested in my match history I did add the OP.GG link on the bar below the Title/logo of the site, can see some of the builds I use etc + if you catch me live on OP.GG you can click on spectate and watch me automatically + it records, its pretty neat system they have there

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Oh right

Anyway it's time for me to stop playing around, living in a bubble of moderate comfort for a while and letting inner child take over and just be curious about things and "express" myself was fun while its lasted. Some progress was made, but in the end gotta move up and go ahead.

Everything is on halt 98% , deleting everything as I write this to pose me no distractions and not tempt me into dumb ideas. Damn I get easily swayed into bullshit, remember kids its only worth doing things you are good at or are willing to sacrifice years to be good at, otherwise its all meaningless pile of crap which will just die out as your interest slows down.

I'll still fill in some last blanks and occasionally post some as this website in general was made for my personal use,  I just enjoy writing it in a way that others would understand, because its harder this way and you learn more if you can teach your ways.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Upcoming things

This is more or less a note to myself to not forget!

  1. refurbish the league guides ( split the laning tips into whole new, standalone guide applicable for all champs, but leave the champion specific tips on the champion guide + this will give me more space to improve the tips for each champion! )
  2. once done the above post it on reddit, see what happens?
  3. with that done can post other champ guides without much worry, as it will be much easier and enjoyable rather than slow and boring laning explanation each time
  4. spam the Talon icon as its so fucking sweet ( CHECK )
  5. try bandicam once again in the league of legends, this time reduce leagues graphics to lowest possible point and check the FPS. Make it WORK! need the videos! cant accept <60fps and unstable!
  6. encode and upload all the touge runs!
  7. this time film the touge races, all of them! eventualy someone wont crash and it will be upload worthy!
  8. beat the akina 2:53 record!!! with stock AE86 of course
  9. make the skyline grip run with infernus/modified skyline stock handling. ( on all touges )
  10. make wc3 audio commentary where I don't sound like im falling asleep or a snob ( lol )
  11. upload the one which is done already, its not too bad, worth for the end!
  12. wc3 audios from Jons/ferfes reps aswell not just mine and Cons!
  14. Maybe add a guide to how I film and upload the videos, because I make exceptionaly low size and meh , but watchable quality vids fairly easily! maybe it would help someone ( it woulda helped past me pretty well )
  15. try his lines and improve on them + ofcourse beat his time hard

Talon OriginalLoadingMercyMercyMercyMercyMercyMercyMercyMercy

I wouldn't have started playing talon if not for his icon/splash art haha

Sunday, January 11, 2015


What makes a player/game fluent, beautiful and just worthwhile watching?

Well whenever I turn on a stream or a replay of someone or watch a drift video, I usually turn it off in less than a minute. Sure that is pretty closed minded of me and I realise that, but there's not point in watching someone playing something they have low ammount knowldge of. Not saying they are unskilled or do poorly or anything, but it is just so STALE and repetetive. Everything just becomes bland. I mean I can pick up any champion in league of legends and play it top lane. First games might feed, but on lets say third one I have a clue on how to lane without feeding and get cs. So many players do this and consider it "learned champion", while the same effort you just put into learning this champ could have been used to further advance one of your currently played champions. And if you dare to say that there is nothing to advance further then you are a noob and you are lying. Its alot harder to move further when you are good with something already, its much easier to pick up something what you are bad at and become decent. All those champion requests from the audience for the streamers, SO BORING! At first I was excited about the whole idea, oh wow they gonna show something great! But even the most skilled of streamer on a Master Yi or Darius performed so poorly, the plays were bland, nothing special was happening, they seemed extremely uncomfortable ( obviously ). Just so not beautiful and smooth. For long time I was a fool and I thought individuality is something on what you "decide" more or less, like the champion pick or the way you build or the car you drive. But it has absolutely nothing to do with it, it all comes from one simple thing = dedication / time spent on that one thing. Many people are alike when it comes to basic things, you cant define your own individuality with it, neither can you with basic terms or hobbies. Its not what you do, its how you do it obviously and the more time you spend on something the more you improve or change, the more doors and paths of left and right you take and eventualy they form you into completely different kind of players or person. Theres not a person in the world who will be exactly like you in a long term if you both tackle the goal of being the best at something ( or anything else ). At first there will most likely be alot of similarities, but slowly overtime even the most likeminded people will become so different and so beautiful in how they overtake their opposition.

 I used to be very basic when it came to things like these. You either play bloodmage or you suck and you are boring "cookie cutter". But after training and meeting some other bloodmage players, I absolutely disliked their playstyles and I thought of them how inefficient and wrong they were. I loved the core ideas and how different it was so I went onto improving it , my own way. But I was a fool like I mentioned before and never sticked to anything in particular, always only adapting to my enemies rather than forcing my own will on them. I didn't trust or believe in my self enough to do that. And if you can't do that, you can't be a champion. You can keep up, but even half a second means you are a loser and highly inferior. Tell yourself whatever you want, the final outcome is all what matters.

Anyway what this post is, its just a reminded to myself as I often go back and read these things, to hold on and make things my own way. That dosean't mean to be close minded, but don't spend whole days and weeks researching, it is fun and all at first, but later you will lose without dedicated training + without any distractions. What is the most fun thing is when you are fighting someone head on with your own grown strategy or style, even if its highly deranged from anything standart, it dosean't matter if its what you believe in, believe in it after hours and hours of failure and sweat, this is what your mind agrees to, this is the best in my own ability. Not the best because someone else does it good, but the best because just deep inside something is telling you it is, and just never let go of it, ride it to the end and see how far it goes.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014 WC3 full strats micro post. Footy dominated


1. Banishmage footies. Some towers, good base.

    Elf early expo = MK 2nd mass rifles+ mercs counter expo ( vs strong DH or so )
    Elf early expo = rifle/priest pala/alchy tower push. ( vs weak early champs, panda/warden )
    Elf standart = workshop + 2 aviary. Scout the elf hard, get MK 2nd., pala/alchy 3rd. morts/gryph/copter Bank hard or expand

    maybe? = more footies, MK 2nd, ivory tower expansion. Into rifles + t3 gryphs hard./ or t2 mass pump of caster rifle.


1. Banishmage footies. Lots of footies and quick tech.

    Orc harassing = split off and run arround. Try to keep track of him and stop him from farming anything big
    Orc leaves = farm a decent camp safely with dust quick. Save wood for rifles and upgrades.
    Orc teched no grunts = MK 2nd tier 2 expansion with some towers. rush t3 and gryphs + pala
    Orc normal = rush 2 2 rifles while powerfarming. Push and end the game asap, or raid burrows first. Paladin 2nd.
    Orc running arround backdooring = bank 50 and build secure base. Kill burrows, prepare for final push. ( with counter units )

    maybe? = force t2 expansion no matter what with banishmage + paladin or mk into mass rifles to hold it. Block peasant line wiht towers.


1. Flamestrike mage footies ( late footies on bad maps ). Good strong base + many towers ( guard towers pls ). Farm as much as you can!!

    Human t1 expo = rush mass priests with dispel, and counter expo once many. Farm 3 and suicide with TP.
    Human t2 expo = wreck his base as he expands with the normal timing super all in, shredders/manapots/zeppelins/footies/breakers
    Normal t2 stuff = protect the base, scout with breaker, suicide with breakers and flamestrike. Flamestrike all of his base to death.
              farm at same time preferably with priests and militia + some other breaker etc. Level 5 flame very worth.


1. Banishmage footies or Flamestrikemage footies. Decent ammount of towers at base + good layout to camp in. Low caster, hard breaker + copter.

rifle style? or breakers upgraded solo blm farm and hit and run style? blm pala rifles t2 expo into mass mass rifles + gryphs?

the biggest strenght, is biggest weakness

2014 AKM strats micro post


1. 18 tech mass breakers mass farm + copters scout into caster adapt.


1. 18 tech rush invisible knights

2. 18 tech breakers casters mass farm into mortars copters expo/push


1. 18 tech  quadra powerbuild sanctums casters breakers

2. 18 tech casters copter scout, knights morts more casters


1. 18 tech quadra powerbuild sanctums priests breakers. Hit and runs + farm same time.

2. 18 tech mass knights + breakers.

Scout expos
Mass farm asap! with units!
tech and harass with units once can
bank and expo or power push!

Darius guide updates + old wc3 guides updates

 Okay so I made the Darius top lane guide today. I'll give it another read through and see for mistakes in spelling and in readability later on, really exhausted now. Really troubling to write guides to the game you haven't played in a week. SIGH I WANNA PLAY ! But just waiting for my laptop.

By the way, I always see some traffic going into the old guides so I checked them out. And gee they have very narrow information and the grammar is a bit hard to follow.. I mean it is even now, but back then it was much worse. So I'll be updating them slowly, I don't want to make them too good, as they are supposed to be what they are supposed to be "old". They tell old and not so good tactics, but its my legacy so I don't want to totally rehash them, just a small visual update, and small strategy tweak. Anyway I've done it on old contempts guide already.

Heres some notes to myself, play these with eskio or gaige or both? + other homies ( if they interested ) :

  • rfactor drift with the touge/intial D mods.
  • NFS underground 2 drift/race etc
  • w3arena or custom maps
  • alien swarm
  • heroes 3 wake of gods, can just film the battles once we meet. Fun times
  • byond resident evil
not sure what else would be fun to play, deleted all the games which seemed like would be fun and cool, but in the end never want to touch them as they just lack that special something which truly makes me adore a game.

Btw, do the audio commentaries once you can again, was fun.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

AMAI updated

I actually didnt get a chance to test it out as this computer has no warcraft 3 on it, but Im sure it works fine. I posted about AMAI before, but the link for downloading it expired so I reuploaded it myself.

and some replays

Some traffic were going into my old AMAI post, and AMAI bots are really fun to play against in general so just helping you guys out. Dont miss out!! If you can beat AMAI insane bots, you instantly become above average player. Alot of people struggle with these bots.

BTW: note to self.

rfactor 1 touge and drifting might be pretty sweet, try it out.

The usual drifting is beautiful post

This guys channel, very very excelent. Just look at those slicing angles and steady drift. Videos are old, but oh gee! Anyway the moment I get my gaming laptop back, for sure gonna play this game. When I played it it felt like crap, driving felt goofy and off, but now that I see whats possible, I wont stop until I can do just as beautiful and slick drift myself!

These videos dont show up on the add on function properly, this is just one of them. GO TO THE CHANNEL AND WATCH OTHERS!! its in japanese so its a bit confusing, but the film making and drift sequences so good!!!!!! Im just happy theres people out there doing such amazing things, makes me feel not so lonely when it comes to my passions. Of course dont forget to listen to some proper Initial D euro beats as you watch. Hearthwarming

An example of proper Initial D eurobeat keke ; )

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Master Yi guide update

Well I just re-released my Master Yi guide, but now on this blog instead of some kind of other website. Mostly because it constantly failed to safe and or publish so screw it, Im tired of losing my work. Guide is fairly clunky right now, Ill try to make it more readable soon enough. Anyhow I think it shows the important points of what you have to do, to play Master Yi top my style. I'll leave matchups section a mystery for each player to discover for themselfs, cuz wheres the fun of learning a new champion if I babysit you through each tough lane? : )

All you gotta know is that Master Yi beats most of the lanes, and just believe in me and go forward learning all the matchups. This way you will develop your own style of Master Yi laning, you will find your own ways to deal with hardship and grow as a player. Experience is all what matters, and this way you will get very experienced. My guide is not for some random scrubs trying to get easy elo, or some random uneducated, spiritless nooblets trying to cheese players in the top lane. This is serious guide, for people who seriously want to feel great when playing and have everything go according to their initial plans. Clean, easy, swift kills and victories. For players who want to give it their all to learn this champion and make it their own. And that is one more reason of why I m posting this guide on my own website rather than some popular guide site. I dislike the idea of people taking my work and ruining it all with their horrible personalities, only spreading the bad word about what I do. Anyway I hope the guide is interesting and you can reap some great fruits from it. I think my style is pretty refreshing to play and even losing isn't that big of a deal aslong as you fulfill your own personal goals in game.

This is what I've been listening to while writing the guide


I keep saying how I hate thoughts of others invading my head as it only makes me stray away from my own created path, and my own created path is the only thing that really matters, as anything ever done by anyone else usualy never helps, it is loads of fun, but essentialy useless and even kind of bad for me, nothing, but a distraction or even worse source of confusion. At same time always trying to keep an open mind, as otherwise wont learn a thing, and being respectful, honest and just listening to other ideas is mandatory to move forward, but its impossible without having a strong and confident hold of your own beliefs. More than anything I'm an expert at being confused and making enormous ammount of mistakes. But for sure I've always known the importance of writing things down, for your own sake. Many say that whats the point of creating something that is only for yourself, and the point is that such thing as yourself will never exist, as you are always ever changing person and need that strong, firm background of text, full of knowledge and experiences you felt at that current moment which you cant remake in this current instance anymore, just being and existing out there somewhere reachable. And more than anything you need to constantly remind yourself of such wisdom actually being there. I don't know how many people face the same problem I do, but I constantly forget and keep repeating the same mistakes like a dumbass, only to realise that all that I needed to know was already there.

Not sure how much of a correct term it is to use it like that, but..

Visualising or meditating you could say, just generaly make it a constant routine for yourself to have those things that I mentioned on your mind. Glimpses of knowledge available, created by your own self. Just helps so much. Having a piece of paper next to my laptop with things written to which I could deeply relate to.. so simple , yet so effective. Helped me alot to stop wasting my time away, and not in the militaristic type of way where you try to be as efficient as possible only, but in the way that made me more happy, happy because I was more aware, aware of the things which made me happy.

And so I leave this piece of text out there for future, doubting/confused me to read once again. This time atleast without dozens of swear words and horrible and even less readable grammar. : )