Sunday, April 28, 2013


Bartimaeus sequence

defencive masteries. Doran rings + cooldown reduction boots and kindle gem
Push lane all day everyday. Get warmogs, and PD's + mallet.

try different summoners more. Like revive n shit

poppy + philo stone + defencive + rush tiamat n hydra

Rush hydra on yi top? for auto reset etc, may be op for duelz especially in lane with minions, cuz the splash will heal you up

bring back sword of divine. More aggressive play aka skillzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Abuse that untapped potential, been doing too obvious moves lately, becoming too still

GP with lifesteal

sword of occult or soulstealer on yi for sure. Might be cool with SOTD

refpsi trynda fiora yi junglezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
karma support, shield minnions n poke all day

fault in our stars john green

fuck youmu, Pd's lw ir GA

Kas potentialy gali daryti daugiau dmg? hm 2 pd ar pd ie

crit chance runes 20% or 15% bent only pen wud be LW
 arba galima AD per level ar crit dmg ir tada tik PD's

neuzmirsk harry potter movies gal pabaigt? lol gi visai coolio butu gal gal gal ga lga lga gla gal gal ga lga lga la lga lagl agl agl agl agl a lga glag lalglaglalg alg laglalglaglalgtll

attack speed ir youmu IE lw galetu gal net labiau ownint nei armor pen, nes siaip labai letai attackinu, gan shit

Friday, April 26, 2013

mark 1

gal tanky runes etc ir tuo paciu WITS END Yi ir gal magic pen for Q rass ir tada tanky shit ir wits end for dmg naudot ir gal lizard elder ar pns later

Tanky runes. HP scaling ar HP % ir masteries paziuret kiek hp duos ir tada galima dps toki decent

udyr jax yi trynda xin fiora gp

q w max ir spirit visage yi ar GP spirit visage su max oranges kaip nida ad top bruiser
ir veliau  i team fight itemz

youmu GA sotd or so
crit dmg runes ir sotd rush ir E max or so ir GA

play to kill
annie poppy bot
blitzkrieg blm , expo/tech/upgrades rush 21tech

and well what can i say, goodjob faggot...
Just drop the pc already, its too high of a burden to keep up at current stage. Not like anyone will miss you anyway ( atleast for more than a week lol )
though dats not the point

wait why i am even writing wtf faggot lets go explode

youmu ie lw mallet/banshees veil + mallet/banshees veil + GA

krc jax su tear of the godess max E Q ignore W  armor pen

ir cooldown reduction boots + brutalizer ar pns po vamp ir hex drinker jai reikia ir warmogs ar mallet at some point. Normal items krc

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

yi buildzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxczxczxc

Bet kazkaip nzn, gal daugiau train youmu ie lw ir armor pen ir tiesiog ownint

Pretty much :
 1. statik shiv
 2. frozen mallet/phage/atmas/hexdrinker/warmogs/bulwark/wits end/pd

arba + tp summoner kad galima butu split pushing easy visados

Statik shiv, pretty much only offencive item you need ( both armor n magic pen masteries ) ir tiesiog tada frozen mallet MaW bulwark etc itemai, attack speed runes ofc ir exhaust ar pns kur nors. Labai easy and nice ownini visus

21 9 0
ghost ignite, flash ignite, ghost exhaust ( mb )
krc double pd/single pd frozen mallet ir atmas ir dive people, ninja tabi mb (  mb ghost cleanse vs cc users so can dive ez ) Probably ghost! Early/mid game armor dominates, you got armor you got speed, can kill and escape fairly fine
tada LW ir banshee veil warmogs or both and no LW and team fight ez and peel for adc  or dive
ghost exhaust ( prob better if peel ) , ghost cleanse if dive

jai magic pen runes ir masteries armor n magic pen ( soon enough to be hybrid )

galima su sheen ir magic pen boots op snowballint vs counter lanes ( ad jai counterina ) ir pns tiesiog mix it up. Bet HYBRID NONONOONNONNONNNNNNNNNNNNO not worth it

armor pen ir SOTD youmus IE ar pns vis dar NICE, tik reikia tanky stuff immediatly ar GA ir tiesiog toks meh playstyle ir turbut reiktu su ghost ir tp assassinate people arround ar pns

vs visokius shenus statik shiv ganetinai nice yra ir tada i mercs ir hex ir tada dar viena pd ir warmogs ga ar pns

Thursday, April 18, 2013


magic pen or get fucking hybrid pen ir magic pen glyphs!!!
pen boots mask into SOTD IE LW ir void staff or rabadons or GA or so.
arba vietoj LW YOUMUS jai hybrid pen nors gan suckins turbut later

Yi su jax masteries, magic pen runes mb ir tiesiog spam Q in lane ir i statik shiv ir wits end + warmogs or so. Dont build for crits. Fuck youmu lw ie. Lb geras dmg bet single target tai reikia buildint team pagal tai


hybrid pen kad naudoti high damage is auto attacks ir tada buildint kad scalint into maximum AP or AD damage is early game both dominance

master teemo

Master yi jungle. Full movespeed 9 0 21 +movespeed quints. Few doran rings, statik shiv maybe fast boots or so flash as summoner spell and just counter jungle and run arround everywhere and jungle really fast. Dont push lanes, rather steal enemy jungle probably not buffs but small camps and swiftly run away and take ur own gradualy weakening enemy jungler really hard

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Banshees veil on YI dude, never forget, good shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
really build yi for carry slaying lets say. Youmus IE ar sotd ir tada BT's ir zinai Banshees veil cleanse exhaust etcccccc. Kad support APC negaletu stop me

blood thirsters ir guardian angel ir dive carry ar pns. Gal pds

muramana dbr 120 extra dmg duoda on hit ant 2k mana, + extra ad is manamunes effect tai nice damage jai neketini kritikalu buildint

Tons of AD yi! runes and so. 30 0 0 gal net. Gal dar attack speed biskeli ar armor pen in runes vietoj armor ar pns. Atsimeni anksciau puse hp nupisdavai su 200 ad ant lvl 5 :D. Po to koki stinger ipisi ir ciulps bybi ir LW

Cooldown reduction jax? Q's ir E's ir W's galesi spamint MADDDDDDDDDD ypac jai manos bus. Net be pen turetu buti geras dmg nes prispamini tiesiog

normal masteries ir armor pen su tear of the godess on jax ir max E ganetinai nice.. i toki yi armor pen  build

su jax 0 9 21
lifesteal movespeed. Buy mana regen, some dorans or vamps and phage
frozen mallet + armor pen after that ( trinity force or so mb instead of mallet )
spam counterstrike, fight alot and use tons of lifesteal and the advantage of 0 cmg from creeps with counterstrike

Xin zhao mad op nigga..... Armor pen runes + jo challange armor reduction. Isvis gali tada YOUMUS GHOSTBLADE into 3 vamps + frozen mallet or red buff ir tower dive 24/7 su ghost or something :D

get fucking xin zhao and rengar for op ownage

jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax same shit as yi

arba blade of ruined king + youmus or last whisper ir duel people + buy some more lifesteal mb

Youmus frozen mallet

Youmus + 3 vampiric scepters + mb frozen mallet? op for tower diving and catching fags and duelz

Tanky yi . Doran rings, movespeed/attackspeed
wits end hex drinked mercs warmogs
PD instead of wits end atmas ninja tabi warmogs
and similar. Roam push lanes. Exhaust wouldbe nice + ghost

armor pen yi, into youmu sotd or youmu ie lw pd etc. For maximum damage

AP tanky
Ad tanky ( 9 21 0 )
AD burst dmg
AD consistent damage with resets

nunu top pretty op dude

cloack of agility to win lanes

learn lyrics of machinae supremacy songs ir sing along to lift my fucking spirits up and workout niggersszzxdzxd

magic pen glyphs make u go up to 19 magic pen

possible to have 15 15 magic armor pen and armor seals

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

as a human all u go is

attackspeed runes ir i youmus ir PD IE gal

trundle su double PD i  tanky ninja tabi ar merc treads ir atmas impaler n shit
dont forget this song faget

nice aswell

warwick is killing machine with right items? HYdra?

HYBRID PEN MARKS QUINTS + 30 MASTERY AR PNS master yi AP ar AD ar hybrid or something. Op damage in lane galesi daryti su viskuo. Ir ownintttttttttttttttttttttt. Tas pats galioja for Sion n shit

su gp ir poppy alike. Sure pen nice dmg and all, bet nebutinaiiiiiiii. Pvz net be pen gali op dmg toki daryt su Sheen, tankynes ir other utility labiau gali apsimoket. Dmg per level runes irgi pvz. ir Spirit of elder lizard visai nice ant GP turetu but

poppy with magic pen and masteries focused on last hit magic pen mana regen and alot of tankyness!
spell vamp! and mana regen. Sheen and magic res later. Just own in lane and sustain urself . NOn stop EQ trades n shit


hybrid su juo irgi nice for lane dominance just like yi

zyra su magic pen OP dmg

vlad turi nice damage ir netgi karthus support lb nice su poky comp ir daug AP champs, nes belekaip owninsi su tuo wall of pain penetration

ninja tabi + atmas impaler + pds ie frozen mallet / warmogs  + LW/ GA   OR OR OR

merc treds/tabi + merculiar scimitar/ MAW + same shit

build for carry raping only! as in phantomdancers and tankyness ( pds + atmas + mallet? + hp and armor general like ninja tabi and then mb infinity edge or LW. Turbut uztektu vien tik armor pen runes ir youmus for all pen ir tada PD ir atma ir HP

phantom dancers zeals youmus ir gal LW yi ir tankyness ( OP DMG )
arba isvis no pen tik pure crits ir hp

vs koki renekton tai AP yi su penetration ir sunfire cape doran rings ir tada mask ir pen boots ir statik shiv. Ir ownini. Attackspeed vs tokius kur lb galesi kautis tiktai, armor pen vs tokius kur veliau rapint galesi jai tank nebuildina gal

Same way poppy. 21 ar net 30 offence ( same way teemo ) magic pen ir ad pen mastery bet siaip magic pen buildini ir AD ON poppy or op damage! Tada dar galima ant yi irgi magic pen mastery imti bet eiti AD pen ir tada zinai kad padetu snowballint early game or so

Hybrid yi ( mb sion aswell )
Magic pen runes, masteries in offence  for pen of both sides. Doran rings into haunting guise and sorc boots. Tada galima statik shiv ir tada start AD youmus n last whisper  or ofc gali tiesiog praadeti tank items

poppy magic pen tank cdr or so. Ar netg isupport
cho gath pen
malphite pen OP OP

morgana support w/ pen ( she has sick base damage just like annie )
mordekaiser full tank with pen + magic dmg sunfire cape

tanks with magic pen and magic abilities + sunfire cape, statik shiv, wits end

 SION AP su magic pen ( gal movespeed ) ( gal hybrid pen ) ( gal dar attack speed AP items later ) ir bendrai tada tanky lb ir tiesiog base dmg naudot vos ne ir gal sheen koki dar ar pns ir turetu lb ownint ar koki dar blade of ruined king ar cutlass kaip su tuo kenne vid for maximum dominationz

trinity force statik shiv ir double strike burst  su kokiu pen? ir sheen su pen in general! Youmus + sheen


hybrid pen ir youmus + haunting guise n shit you know? could be funny shittttttttt ( tas pats for jax ir poppy )
defencive masteries
30 0 0
ir pns priklausant . Defencive siaip lb nice for duels ir team fights ir lane :D

 new builds
youmus hex atmas
youmus ie lw
statik shiv + ? ? ?
statik shiv + magic pen stuffs + wits end or so ( ziuret ar galima burstint su tuo shit ) gal dar malady lol zinai su AP yi

fiora yi gp trynda!!!!!!!!!!!

power of will

do this, achieve things

otherwise die with false pride and honour, the illusion of self

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I just checked some of my old replays, again..
why did i give this mother fucking game up!? WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Well, fuck. FUCK.  Now then, eh... Its sad that warcraft3 cannot talk and remind me whenever I forget why  I loved that game and why it was so important and why I failed. I dont know If i can make it right if I do pick it up now. Sure I am confident enough to think that I could be MUCHHH better than I ever was if I play for 2 weeks straight now, but thats not the point. Point is, whats next. I guess my family talks gotten into me too much, but fuck dude it makes sense.. way more than my ideas. But why cant I want something simple and safe. So am I saying that i truly want to own again? I sound like an addict now.asd zfnmoafnm oanf

oaioifoiofsignmjdfkbm aw9rj

Cant deny that if I do it right, alone, I will get some cash from zotacs... Well I do have all of the upcoming summer until I gotta go to trade school.. And germany only in 6weeks , and even If i go to germany I can wc3 it up out there aswell

All lights are green faggotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

you down bitch
you down?

guess i am... here we go again?
this time i swear on this, fucking stop the gayness already, you disgust yourself already, stop it please

you are dead

I always say I cant, but i still go and surprise myself

i guess i got weak mind but spirit of the winner? :DD oh gee faggot, just stfu and get going already

really fag, just go

Warwick TOP. Full magic pen + buy doran blades for last hitting and some more sustain in lane. Later tanky ( similar to annie ) and own

max q and E for ultra speed running?

2015 EDIT

Why does someone keep checking this rant post ? : D its pretty embarrasing for me