Saturday, August 25, 2012


so i played, good spirits etc, even while sucking......................... AND THEN IT STARTED LAGING

and it all came back to me, why,why the past me stopped giving a shit. The lag, the spikes, they just stop all your motivation once they begin, its just like hands become too weak to hold a sword, everything is wobbly and you just think:  " fuck this, just finish me"

And just to tie some knots..........

You must play paladin the way elfs play DH vs human nowadays. Getting that huntress hall at like 2:50, bit earlier or so, after the first creep camp ( that would be blacksmith ) and then teching while making rifles. Paladin needs rifles to fight a bit later on and if hunts come from this elf bo, he will be ready. You dont let elf jack at all, you always scout him and if he will obviously come to jack you, you dont creep. You just stall the game if he wants to jack you, fake the creep and run back etc etc. If he takes naga 2nd with his DH first, you need naga too, otherwise he will steal your camps and you wont even be able to stop him if you are right next to him. Vs other leading heroes ( warden, beastmaster etc etc ) you just paladin blm mass rifle powerin into expo or t3 depending. vs DH you appropriatly do everything. Copy and mirror him basicaly, but always in defencive. If he expanded, you go expo too, and then defecively creep and scout for his t3 timing. Tech t3 asap if he did so, basicaly mirror the elf just with paladin/naga/blm and rifle/knight into mort+gryphon late game. Footies early on as from a standart bo ofc.

Firelord on TM kicks ass in mirror because, with fast footy bo you scout his position guaranteed, and his timing to creep the merc camp, you can even steal his priest. And then you come in to jack him before the golem is even down, perfect timing. Spawns are really kick ass. Their damage is like 14-27 or whatever. Thats pretty sick potential. Probably stealing his priest is THE ONLY way to jack proper, cuz otherwise he just disps your spawn immediatly. But yeah with this you can even tech real quick or go for a later tech and mass up footy, steal his mercs and militia creep at same time to 2,5 while putting him into his base and making him use mass militia. Cuz of fast rax bo, you get 2 more footies than he does + if you cut on peasants you can SWARM HIM HARDCORE, pick shit off etc etc and then tech safely.

Current update on the strats of bloodmage.
VS human
You basicaly creep and scout with footman all the time, opt for the best possible and safe camp to creep first, fast altar if needed. Flamestrike gives alot of new possibilities to fast altar creep (shop on TM, marketplace on EI etc etc) Later just stay frosty, dont do hardcore shit, keep it down, predict his creeping route and creep the route with which you wont  collide with him, but at the same time gain maximum exp gainzzzzz and item gainzzzzz and have enough time to run back, tp in worst case scenario. With some arcane towers up, its fairly ok defence even vs merc and WE. But if he is going to merc up, banish is really great. He invests alot of gold into mercs and banish totaly nulifies any benefit, even maybe making you on top if you do things right. Its not really worth going banish/flame though, it may only be done if you have plenty of tower, lacks too much on longveility of combat, you run out of mana and thats it, back up or die, thats the BLM WAY. Even rhymes right. Later just scout/adapt. Mirror his expoes and dont forget to tower up if you want to play proto way ( which is very strong if you have good early ) ( the way is to  basicaly creep hard and hit expoes once in a while, while expoing some more) And yeah, abuse mass upgraded knights and 3 aviary gryphon quick pump or quick solid mastercasters + morts combos. These are 3 lethal weapons at your dispossal. Other shit is only transitional, these are the only real killers with BLM as lead in mirror.

VS elf
You can basicaly mirror platoplus-ghost style just with BLM as lead. Works maybe even better. ( tri-hero and t3 unit mix combo ). Only platoplus ghost had a hole in his strat, elf t1 or t2 early expo. Its a harddddddddd thing to deal with. But you can mirror the expo if you do later tech and quicker smith and add rifles before and after teching. Like elf late hunt style, just dont make many rifles. If he expanded, you will be a ble to counter expand with this. If he didnt, you wont. So scout hard. And in any case a rifle or two + fast smith(potential mass upgrades for knights quick!) wont be BAD when going t3. T3 strats often laccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk hardcore t2 mid game power and t3 early, some t2 units fix that or some STRONG HERO FOCUS ( which is what platoplus ghost did, but vs good players it wont work ) or general HERO ABUSE ( which is what ferfe does with his WE propush while teching t3 at good timing ). Blm dont have that so, need some rifs yo. Same principle, scout adapt, bank, and abuse the 3 lethal weapons at your dispossal, now with rifles included !

AKM style still works, if you quick tech or late tech it dont matter, as long as you manage to creep in various safe ways without hurting your tech speed, you are in the clear. Style is pretty shaky, but is actually OKAY. It has pretty high potential and probably even higher than i expect of it. Didnt test the footy opening into standart AKM yet, but it might be very good.

The AKM style variation and more of abuse mode is OK. ( invis knights, mort drops, invis morts, tower in the dark, towers in the trees ) All of these things WORK GOOD if done PROPER with STRENGHT IN MIND not just abusing. Footy opening with this is alot more effective than no footies. You really need footies as decoys there and there and sometimes for a more bold creep camp. ( like shops in t1 without militia or red camps in t2 early or t1 late)

VS Undead
BLm footies into rifles pala and late t3 tech or whatever adapt. Vs fast fiends fast expo at good timing with defend and stable 3rd hero gain. WORK VERY GOOD. On some maps 17 tech is better though with paladin first or so. But it dont matter much. Footies give you more potential gain, once your skill improves, techs become more and more boring, cuz you have all this energy to put into shit and you have no shit to work it with. If undead seems totaly weak sauce, teching quick, not getting units for whatever reasons, skipping rifles is POSSIBLE + going for t3 army composition. But its really not worth it. Its always good, no mistake, to just get good rifle army and creep best camps and steal exp from undead.

VS Orc
BLMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM RIFLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. BLM POWERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Potential completely depends on your micro capacity of bloodmage. Rifles dont even matter that much, its all about your bloodmage usage and how quick you can level your paladin. Late game is an option, expo is an option, switch to late game army composition is A VERY GOOD OPTION. You cant really deny orc creeping as i do in my old reps vs noob orcs, you just CANT. What you can do though, is to scout orc posi and creep very good camps and loot very good items using footies and banish. And maybe even doing the t1 expo if orc goes for creeping and you scout it ( just once hero is out ), the way some human pros did it with ARCHMAGEEEEEE. That shit is pretty radical. But really orc matchup is hard to go into detail, rifles are pretty shaky, but at same time they are not. It really depends on how you can micro it, its very strange.

It leads to......

That i am fucking retarded nr.2 . I forgot all about fighting spirit and what made me play wc3 and why was it fun, no wonder i am fucking inactive nowadays............... FUCKING MICRO AND SHIT. Every bullshit is eeffective aslong as you can micro it good enough and find new ways that shit can micro better. Thing is, you opt for easier micro by going for archmage first or mk first or whatever is common nowadays, it always looks more effective in everything, but thats not because it is, its because the path is cleared by other players for you, in the end even archmage or MK at TOP level where you must innovate in micro everyday will require to make new paths and work hard, theres no excuse to that, theres no easy way and you should fucking remember that, really hard. BASICALY NEVER TRUST YOUR fucking head, it leads this and that way , but never the right way. Its pretty funny that i will say this, but disney got a point, you just have to follow your heart


btw, tried playing micro arena, i fucking suck ass right now

THE notes

reading my fucking notes after 2 years of scribbling and always putting it down for later.......

PALADIN FIRST VS ELF and many ideas on how to. Pretty funny stuff, i wonder where this will lead me

Monday, August 20, 2012

Firelord is a very good hero... ops

Yeah just wanted to say that. Soon ill show how to rape in human mirror with FL first on TM ( HARDCORE ) especially vs that new trend of going merc camp first creep without fast altar! Firelord is really getting popular nowadays vs HU, very good hero. Fragile,but with care deadly ( just like his spawns ). Btw i am a bit retarded so in last weeks cuz of being "sad" i kinda didnt eat stuff for days and when i did it was only shit food so now i have a b it of vitamin deficiency.. basicaly whenever i stand up i get nosebleed and low energy in general, pretty bad timing for that as in i have to move out soon. WELL WHATEVER GOOD SHIT COMING SOON I HOPE. ( dont have internet most of the days now too :((( )

Luckily theres many good replays coming out from the pros recently, check them out !

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The reply thingy dont work for me


I actually did take a look at the replay again after I'd cooled down from my "wtf happened ..........???" and realized that the game was still winnable when I'd left. My opponent was all-in at that point. I'd kicked every single one of his burrows, we had close hero levels (he used FS, not BM), he only had grunts and no T2 buildings (not that I had much DPS, but I could definitely have stalled for units), and I hadn't pulled all my lumberjacks even, hadn't been continuing training shit and rallying them into my base for a big push out, didn't upgrade the two towers just sitting there ... brain just wasn't working. :(

In general, how do you recommend prioritizing unit control? I usually a-move my melee and then try to focus with my ranged while not letting my heroes die, but I've noticed it's really ineffective with weak melee like footmen.

 Yeah footman are pretty weak, and their biggest problem is that they are small. They are easy to swarm arround against and do the "pincer movement" like in that military tactics page. Same goes to knights vs bears. Knights pathing is smaller. But you see, same thing gives them a mobility advantage too. They can squeeze through easier, meaning they can either rush through front lines or fall back better. So if you got priests etc. they can run away a little bit back whenever they get hit, heal up and go in once again.

But look it really all depends on your army. Lets say you got mass rifles and some footmen in front. Opps army is strong and you think that it will suck for you if your frontline dies too fast and in any case having a frontline for as long as possible is good? They stall opps meele and take alot of damage for you. Its all cool right, but with footies thats nearly impossible, like you said yourself. But FIGHTING isnt all that front line meele can do. They are in fucking front, to pass and reach your dmg dealers and support/heroes whatever they first must take them out. What if you dont let them ? Like you are in the front line, you dont pull units back or anything out of the fight, but you just let them engage then pull back half or so of footies which are getting most damage a little back, then opps change his focus on the other half of footies naturaly ( cuz A move works that way and it takes too long for him to personaly assing every unit to new units ) then the old half of footies go right back in and the half which was left on the front goes back. They basicaly dont even fight, they just run arround like retards drawing fire, same time if you have priests and sorcs with slow it makes footies survive alot longer lol. This wont work for shit ofc if you dont have any damage without footies, its only if footies are the unimportant part of your army and will soon be disposable anyway. ( aka vs strong orc army with spiritlink, bears dryads and panda or similar ).

Best way to prioritize would be making some kind of "doctrine" you would follow with particular army vs particular army (hope you understood what i mean lol). Once again if you run imagination tests and stop in fights you can see what your opponent can DO so you plan out what YOU can do what he wont be able to STOP, easily atleast. Heres some examples:

BLM pala(lvl 3) mass rifles vs Undead DK lich mass ghoul/abo/stat

He got mass meele which is super quick and he got nova to slow me down too. If I get positioning advantage and can focus his hero, sure, but thats like super rare. I got banish/holylight, I can draw him in by banish holylighting his ghouls and picking him off, he will have to swarm me, no other way. He cant pick off and similar undead stuff cuz I got holylight and siphon mana. So yeah, it all leads that I will get swarmed. Vs Swarm with aoe spells ( impale/nova whatever ) if I cuddle up with all my rifles, I WILL DIE. Splitting is a must, If I dont kill his statue I cant kill his abominations too, If DK hides well from bloodmage or focuses him once in a while he will just regen lots of mana and keep the coil running non stop. I'll draw a pic to make it more pleasant to your eyes, on how will these kind of battles go.


Orange 1, 2 = My rifles
Purple = Bloodmage
Red = Paladin
Black arrows = moving. Shooting is not indicated as its pretty obvious where who shoots.
Teal arrows = Spells casted
Black circle = DK
Brown = CL
Gray = Lich
Green = mass ghouls
Blue = Abo
Pink = Statues

 Rifles get into position vs swarm and aoe. Bloodmage leads the front to weaken positioning of DK and drain some of his mana, same time banishing Lich once he comes close enough to orb stuff up. Paladin gets into neutral position to reach everyone with holylight and be able to hit something with his hammer in safety from surprise nuke. Ghouls swarm up left flank, lich goes for nova on the rifles which are about to get swarmed, CL goes to weaken right flank by impaling it, same time trying to stun bloodmage if possible.
The swarmed rifles are getting coil and novaed, coiled because theres nothing to really coil as in heal at this time. Aboms are ignored. Bloodmage casting mass magic. Banishing lich, banishing abom, CL, draining magic if possible from top1 priority DK,otherwise lich or CL, banishing rifles if holylight is on cooldown. Paladin healing the rifles. Rifles from the 1 group are splitting to form a line of fire and stop themselfs from getting swarmed. Rifles from the 2nd group are assisting from far away and moving into better position. Ghouls are weak and are dieing off real quick already or they broke through due to whatever reasons and I must regroup. (that depends on many factors, but thats not for now). Note that, if undead went for some kind of right clicky swarm on rifles with his ghouls, I would just split the focused rifles and not even fight with them and just run and heal them while weakining his heroes at same time and picking off the scattered ghouls. CL position doseant matter too much too, he may be casting shit on the 1st group, but he will have 1 impale tops due to my positioned bloodmage.

Now the ghouls which 2nd group coulda reached are probably all dead now, only some of the top ghouls are left, but that is not a hazard anymore. Coast is pretty clear, I can do ofc a safe approach and finish off the ghouls etc., but this is way more effective. Opening is obvious and easy. Just banish the abo, and go in. Banish holylight does nice damage and is quick to cast, some damage from rifles and then banish HL and lich is either down or really low requiring a coil immediatly. Battle won. He had mass ghouls, all he coulda done was swarm you good. If he does a by the book swarm, aka just like I just drew, he will lose if you do this kind of movements. If ghoul mass wasnt defeated yet, you just apply the same kind of movement and move the rifles back bit by bit while blasting them good and abusing mass bloodmage magic. If you want some more examples with other compositions just ask away.

Best way to improve @ micro

"What's the best way to efficiently improve at micro? I have horrible micro (losing with T2 casters vs. mass grunts in front of my base, losing heroes all the time to the point at which I don't usually get a second hero b/c that second hero will die 90% of the time ........). I've noticed I have the tendency to micro from the unit interface box at the bottom of the screen, but I guess that's a really shitty way to do it.

I have trouble analyzing my bad micro too. Usually I just look at it and think, "Well, I guess I shouldn't have a-moved," but it's a lot harder than it sounds."
- anonymous on how to micro page

Okay. First you gotta check and make sure the NUMBERS of casters you had, exact numbers and the exact number of grunts + the heroes, items etc. I mean if it were 8grunts vs 4 sorcs 2 priests and beefy hero vs your low level archmage with weak level 1 water elementals, its shit for you, you have almost no damage. Just to clear out the confusion, do that. Basicaly what you should do is just turn on the replay of that game and pause in fights, plan out the course of action you coulda taken and what the orc coulda done to counter you in those certain situations. Cuz you are new it might be hard, cuz you might forgot things and so on, but just dont forget to look through EVERYTHING what coulda been used. Items, peasants, trees whatever. This is war and you need fucking everything you can use, if the fight determines who loses/wins the game, you must put everything into it lol. Even if that means pulling all your gold peasants or letting him pillage half of your base until you get the army out. Once you think about it , its all simple and logical, just gotta give your brain a chance to do that and give it some time, look through the things. Once you got some ideas on how to fight ( check out this web page, military tactics section on the left ) , so yeah once you get the ideas, try the fuck out of them. Vs computer, vs players, whatever you prefer. Get accustomed to that shit and do it in legit games. Its all basic, just like any real life skill, you hold it in your head and try it until you are fluent enough to do it for real and then you do it and see how it goes and improve it if you see something you didnt see before. Trial and error.

One could ofc say:
"just play everyday alot of games"
SURE that will do, but its basicaly the same exact process just slower and takes more time to do. Once you fight many battles, sure you will learn and instead of imagining what opponent coulda done you will see most of it DONE by opponent against you in first place (or maybe not, opps aint that smart nowadays). Yeah.. its pretty basic. Just go watch and learn from yourself and use the imagination, it might make your head hurt and will be very annoying, might make you want to hit stuff or whatever. Thats how it is when you try to use your brain really hard? 'least for me

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zotac 1

 See these pics? Nothing else like beautiful/cute females hit me on my weakspots and my life views.I outgrew the whole idea of " SO SAD WHEN NO GF ", dont want to go into detail,but every lonely person sooner or later defeats that idea or gets swallowed in it and dies.Anyway.. it makes you look back at yourself

And this is what I see. A tiny room, cant complain really, atleast got one.But this is all I really got, my computer and thats it. Those other folks who are poor and uneducated atleast got social life of some kind. Still cant complain, I learned to accept being alone even by being the "E" personality type. But thats not about it, it goes alot deeper. Its hard to put it into words straight forward.. BUT uhhh.... Its like.. you ask yourself, is this it? I mean its not even bad or anything, I have a privilege of still living with my father, he pays for my food and electricity, job numbers a bit low currently so I have a lot of free time to spare too, doseant get used too productevily though. Once I do get a job, I'll have to move out. Still ok, everythings okay really. I dont mind this and that and its not even that hard. Tried strangling myself just to check it out how it would feel to hang myself, not too bad too. Checked the vid of that swedish or whatever guy hanging himself with ethernet cable, pretty doable. Everythings okay, no suffering whatsoever, no magnificent things happening, but its ok. Everythings okay. Still cant relax a much though. Cant let it go, guilt comes. Cant let myself loath and do nothing, but if I try to get busy all the time, guilt comes in and says I am doing it wrong by not taking it easy. By refering to myself by I so much, I start feeling guilty again for letting the ego run so wild again, I calm down, start thinking what to do to be right again, understand that by thinking what to do to be right I am already not being right, be quiet, some time pass, now what? Is this it? I might aswell kill myself if nothing really matters and nothing really must be done or I want anything or I want any pleasures of the life. Checked out some shit about satanism ( ), ideas seem legit, nearly the opposites of what Ive been thinking about in the last half a year ( ignore all the magic bullshit though ). Ideas are very pro life, pro energy to be more precice maybe. Its all about the energy in the end, really. Try being sick, all your motivations and hopes die. Thats how normal no-lifers just like me feel everyday, as if you are sick and you desire nothing other than just to lay down, but you are not really sick and after laying for way too much the body fires up, you feel the need to move, knowing not a thing of where to put this energy, you naturaly go to place you always do when you need something, the internet. Filled with this mighty energy you search and download books,guides whatever. You feel like you can do anything. Just like these songs, the energy flowing through your veins, you feel alive as fuck.
(machinae supremacy - redeemer album )

I am in the same state right now. But ive been here before, many many times. This time, I am stronger than before though, I got new knowledge and experience ready to kick out once times of weakness comes. Its fucking funny how fucking weak I am from my childhood. Not because I was some kind of "special" , sure I was physicaly always weak, but its same as semi-pro and pro in comparison. Their skills difference is not what makes semi's lose, its the mentality and how they dont put enough energy. Now that I skim through my memories, many things coulda went alot differently if I unleashed my full energy without retarded worries or "master plans". I always were on the losing side, with the noobs and the trash, looking up from the bottom. I have alot of first hand experience on how and why noobs lose. Its really not because of the skill. I wont go about that right now, cuz its not like it matters and not like anybody gonna read this shit anyway, I am writing this as a stamp to my memory and as a stamp to my motivation and as an activity to tame my thoughts a little bit. In last half a year, ive been thinking alot about energy. How does one maintain motivation and work toward goals and why. Not only thinking, but trying too. There are many retarded reasons why people do it and there are many retards who succeed and are treated as smart while they are retarded and completely misunderstood and are followed blindly anyway. No matter how you spin it, its pretty retarded to actually want to achieve something in first place or want something in general. Only stupid would fall for desires and urges. Yet nearly everyone does. GOd wtf i am talking about already. Anyway.. What will always come out of thinking about goals is simple, the action itself, the feels of progress etc. Not the destination. Once you read it, it still looks kinda retarded, you dont feel the idea, but its plausible I guess.Humans understand it once you tell it smart enough, but understanding is shit, you must REALISE it. Its completely different thing. But when you are laying on the floor, with 0 ambitions in your life, completely empty shell, going into the world of pain is pretty scary. Its hard to do the leap, unless there are some random factors which will push you onto it. ( aka the way most of the people who are successful got into it ) . I DONT KNOW a single person who was all like : " oh this shit looks cool, imma go do that all day now " and actually do it ) There were always outside factors like parents who put them up or it was the only thing to do outside ( playing basketball for example ) Its scary/unusual for a normal no-lifer to just jump into this. The best way to do that would be trying to kill yourself. Not to KILL yourself, but to feel the pain (coulda just said TO HURT yourself lol ). Cut yourself, strangle yourself, punch yourself, burn yourself. Break your inner barriers by outside force basicaly. THe more you spend inside, the shittier you get, mind is defective tool, it fucks you up. Mind is fucking retarded, its easy to manipulate and is nearly useless. Mind is something you cling to when you are bored and lonely though. Mind is a good friend, but friend is all he is. If you start feeling like shit and blame yourself, its a rare thing to actually do a legit breakthrough and go far. You might go a bit, but rage goes only that far

 Ehhh... Even now as I am writting... My powerlevel is draining so much. I went from normal sitting position to leaned back and keybord on my knees. All the spirit burnt off.But thats what I mentioned before. I learned some things from before. This "motivated burning spirit" feel is only a layer 1. It doseant really matter and this layer sucks dick anyway. It makes you blind and can only be used as some kind of tiny boost, its basicaly a nitro. You dont see cars running on nitro alone, its only a boost lol. Notice the BERSERK Guts. He doseant run on nitro all the time, he is pretty chilled most of the time, he goes berserk mode only at certain moments. He still doseant stop and owns shit up. Not that I mentioned it. Maybe the nitro level may be trained, atleast I guess you could expose yourself to it by self torture alot more. Aka mentaly raping yourself by provoking yourself or phyisicaly hurting the way I mentioned before. I guess those techniques are not bad. Seen alot of fatsos use it to get fit. But yeah.. in long run you need something else. Some religiousfags and similar minded people use the "for greater good or for good end" to get some extra power, its still limited as far as IDEA goes. Once you are on a verge of destruction ideas wont help unless you been mindfucking yourself with them FOR LONG LONG TIME and they will be on your mind even when you are woken up at 3am. Hm.. But what If pump yourself all the techniques of energy at same time. Fuck your brains up so much that you wont be able to live without bursting out. Thats probably not very healthy. Yeah thats a bad idea, very limited too. Its how most of the success people work either, pretty sad, thats why theres so little innovation on top, they are in their own shackles, and once you are in the shackles you dont innovate, cuz you dont accept your failures or something. ( and innovation must go through alot of failll ). Anyway. The other way is by shutting down the mind, aka shaolin monk way or whatever monk way. You see this alot in movies and similar, where the good underdog guy gets trained by oldschool master who tells him to relax, clear his mind, shut the fuck up and open his eyes and at same time have incredible conditioned body. He sees, he reacts, and he is capable to react. No need for anything else, all comes from intuition and your senses + experience ( which is automatic ). You dont hesitate, you dont think, you just rape rape rape rape rape rape, pure ultimate killer. I tried jumping into this state and using it in wc3, but Iam never able to relax and open my mind, i am too weakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. But that I is the past I, now its different I even if that past I was 5seconds ago. The I changed quite alot. Fuck i am sleepy. No matter what, I always want to fucking kill myself. Kinda do it oldschool, go drown myself or something. Should be pretty chill. Anyway back on topic of whatever. One thing I know for sure. To achieve true greatness you must do it peacefuly and calm. At first its hard to understand and gets mistaken. Its not about being CALM CALM, but calm and sharp. Second thing I know for sure, its about the pain. But as in loving it. Pain is bro. You know the feel when you are cumming? And once you immediatly lay down or so. Thats how pain feels in reality, once you let it flow. Would be pretty cool being ab le to feel your blood flowing through your veins.God wtf ia m talking about.I am not sure how to tell it, I hardly understand it myself.. But the calm sharpness i mentioned before. THAT sharpness is what makes you a killer from loser. And theres no better way to become sharp than clearing everything, cleansing your shit and then grinding through all the moves until there is no stutters in your moves, it all flows quick and smooth, it gets sharp then. Once you are truly sharp, theres no stopping to you. I guess its pretty fun sharpening yourself. Alot more fun than killing yourself. Sometimes I got glimpses of what it truly means to be sharp, it was great, as if you are one with the gods, and you are made out of fire, but you dont realise its fire, and its just great, you dont realise shit, you just do, all the juice flows, its great stuff. You realise what you were feeling jut after you are done. Thats one of the huge defects of bloodmage gimmicky play. Theres really no real way to be SHARP with it, its very UNSHARP play. Thats why its not quite a thing to play... Sharpness attracts people, I sure as hell didnt start playing BLM gimmicks cuz I wanted to be sharp, I wanted to be cool and smart ( its quite the opposite though lol ). Once you think about the wars and politics and people being mistreated at current moment somewhere out there, its kinda gay to actually want to achieve things. I mean wtf, how homo can you be to want personal gain when theres trouble out there. You'd prob slurp those dicks all night if you could with attitude like that. But same way, wth can you do, you are just white trash, all you can do is spread the word and make people rally maybe, but who going to listen to a white trash faggot, just another delusional kid who takes it in the ass. Sometimes just want to walk until you die you know? Just go hobo style , but till the death. DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH, its not that bad? Its pretty cool actually. But damn I forgot the idea i had when i started writing this shit, it was something very possitive and motivating... I just wanted to add some negative touch as a contrast point.. fuick me eyes hurt, as if razors were in my eye lids. Soaking your face in cold water usualy takes the pain away, but bathroom too far.......................................................................... whatever. Gotta sleep now, if I do want to fix shit up, first ogtta restore the sleeping shcedule and work dat body out all day. Yes all day. Nothing awaits me anywhere, so might as well train all day. And lay the rest of the time just relaxing, doing nothing.MASMDBAMSDBMSMDMASMDMA. Internet off right now so cant really post or add pics i wanted to. Gonna leave pc overnight to post it in the morning if possible. Pretty useless post, but what I wanted to mention at some point was the TITLE. Yes zotac cup. Ill post my updates on the train everyday, maybe a couple of times. Ill train for zotac cup. Ill become pro life. Cuz ive been at pro death already, and its no fun. My mind pressence is too strong anyway to just take my life away at a snap with no remorse. AAAASGRg
WAIT WTF WAS I TALKING ABOUT YESTERDAY.................................................................................................................... Shit ill post this anyway even though its full of shit.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Military tactics (micro)

Just found this
Check it out if you want some ideas on positioning/micro , will see some similarities with micro you see in skilled games lol

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I never thought that reading what I wrote in the past would come in so fucking handy sometime!

You know how I said : "balblalbala i suck and teching with blm fucking blows and takes too much skill" Well fuck that mentality. Thats for shitfags. I still feel pretty hesitant to just drop all the rifle/footy stuffs ive been doing vs UD and ORC and the new things which I didnt get to post vs HU yet were doing pretty good I guess? BUT ive already got some clues on some ways how to connect it all, but even if i dont its no problem. Some maps are good with footy/rifle or just instant rifles, some not. For those upgraded new generation techs would be perfect ? Anyway, alot TO THINK THROUGH, but i am jst happy i got some connections and more will come obviously once I start getting onto it alot more seriously, just like back in the day. Basicaly, SHITS GOING TO GET DOWN SOON

Holyshit I am retarded

Once again I forgot most of the things I came up before and actually written down and once again I repeated the same cycle of mistakes. Its pretty funny cuz you remember only once you do them, brings the memories back, all that nostalgy and frustation you had earlier, in the past, when encountered those things.Well luckily this time I understood it quick atleast.


extra errors which might come up after using those 3 rules:


 That leads to playing flexibile shit with man power to spare for scouting and man power available or atleast quick to get to punish or defend vs whatever you scout! Which in short means, dont lose map pressence.

 I really wish I had enough strenght to play bloodmage long techs, they are nearly everything opposite of what I say, because what I say/write in here is EFFECTIVE+Simple while bloodmage long techs are completely not effective if played simple, they are the ultimate puzzle.Its really kind of sad that all the bloodmage players who were serious are gone and now its only trolls and dipshit kids who play him anymore, not even mentioning how sad it is to transform the bloodmage tech little by little to normal footman build just because I cant handle it. Makes bloodmage lose its charm completely, now he is becoming just another micro heavy hero like Mk. I mean sure thats cool and all, I guess?, but thats not what made bloodmage SO COOL before.
I am pretty sure that if I had the supplies handed over to me and had real life dedicated team in helping me to train/test/experiment, I could make bloodmage tech a viable opening to use. But thats pretty unrealistic thinking. People always want reasons for shit before they start doing something, they wouldnt just do it cuz "fuck everything ill just try to make that shit work for fun and see how far can it go, yo!"
Anyway, when I started writing this article I had in my mind playing bloodmage footies ( faster altar/rax, so that you have 2,5 footy or 3 done when hero is out) just creeping a green, scouting, if all is going normal just tech tier 2 and then creep or pressure opponent if it seems possible and just mirror your opponent actions for most of the time. If he is creeping, you creep. Of course if he is taking crazy camp and you are nearby you jack him, but thats obvious. You know, now I remember that human was called the "counter race", I mean theres no better/easiest way to counter than just mirror your opponent until he goes off the norm and punish it ,hard. Basicaly clash with swords until you see an opening, and stab. Now that I mention that, isnt it how most of the shit in sports go?(pro level atleast) Rarely do you see someone doing extreme stuff, everyones kinda sticking to the norm and luring out ( fainting hits and etc. ) their opponents and then punishing them or waiting for them to try to lure you or whatever and then hit them, or just stabbing real quick then the pace is slow or it is unexpected ( wc3 equivalent to that would be breaking 50food bank real quick and unexpectedly and all inning lol ). Really all the odds are stacked against the bloodmage tech and THE MANNERS. Seems like you need to be some kind of indigo child/leet pro genius to be able to play that shit casualy vs pros, same way they do with their own strats.
Hmm... Holyshit I dont fucking even know anymore. Its pretty hard to do a decision to dedicate alot of your free time to something what might turn out to be complete waste and have zero gain. Theres so many strats and openings that one could pick up and try to develop. ( example would be the taurenchieftain first ) They all will probably lead to success after long enough, but damn.......................

WAh, I go clear my head. It seems that thinking only leads to worse

Monday, August 6, 2012

King of the Hill cgs
Read the rules and play this shit on bnet if you dont suck!

Btw pardon the emo times before and I might be posting some replay commenatry ( text format ofc cuz no sound card ) and analisis today! Cuz I do that anyway, I just dont write it down, but writing it down might be even better for myself and same time I will be able to share it. Had alot of ideas on improving the TC first pressure vs elf, it might actually be a good fucking strat lol. Anyway no time to chat now, updates later

Saturday, August 4, 2012

quick rant/reminder

fuck you,
 sincerely myself

p.s. pick up that sword + stop being a fucking peasant

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Not going to be online for few days

Not going to be online for few days, maybe longer! Though not sure, atleast going offline for now! Got some fresh ideas for later maybe, both full strategy and tricks and for page in general

Replay pack #2

171 replays, some discs may be included.

Updating the pages

Already did "micro" "scouting", just finished "countering" , "creeping". Doing "timings" now. My grammar pretty shit  and style not so nice I think, its just I dont really care about it right now, I just try to make it look half decent. :(