Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tc first and more thoughts

Playing alot of TC first vs all races nowadays, not just for fun either. Its kind of a good puzzle.Trying to upload all the fine reps I get to WCR, but theres too many. In some way it kinda gives alot of ideas to boost bloodmage play, cuz both are weak and can be shutdown easy, you kinda have to be sleezy. I am really liking vs ELF TC first and naga mass grunt push though. Really great. Anyway, not playing BLM for a while, but I think I figured out the most OPTIMAL way to play BLM in human mirror atleast. Vs elf fast rax is still the best way even if you go into drops and vs UD BLM pala rifles seems like the ultimate way, it covers all the weaknesess really well ( not sure about TM or TR though, but its probably okish ).

Btw fuck expansions, if you focus your strat on the expo, you will fail on everything and swallow the semen of good players. Use it only as a counter or a neccessity, dont focus your strats on that, focus them on skill.

demonreps.com/crowjam open again. WCreplays 3 reps a day got too annoying

Thursday, July 26, 2012


So much shit going through my head I dont even know if its worth writing cuz next moment I got completely different view on everything ( both possible ) so many styles so many ideas so many strategies, so much of everything i dont even fucking know what to           what.. So yeah basicaly another break for now, i can post about 300replays if anyone wants

Saturday, July 21, 2012


holy shit you guise, i am onto something

Some new kickass builds, master naze of non stop aggro school would be proud

By the way, brought back the pages I left unfinished, gonna finish them up today ( all of them ) probably. And I guess I can make another replay pack, but I dont think its worth it cuz it's ALL SHIT, been doing this and that and nothing actually good with clear understanding of that, but shits about to change now.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On a break

Taking a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeee maybe never ending break from wc3 and majority of internet in general. See you sometime in the future fellas

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


To be smart , you have to stop thinking
To be skilled , you have to stop playing/worrying/whatever you do when you try to be skilled

shits sure is funny when everything is set up this way.. this way if you want something you cant actually get it without tainting oneself

The saying  "just play"  is probably the biggest truth of life